How to keep pregnancy

Top-5 Things that pregnant women are strictly forbidden to do

pregnant womanMany women in the period of bearing the baby hear that they are forbidden to do these or other things, so they have a feeling of fear, not only for themselves, but for the future baby. But nevertheless it is necessary to understand what a pregnant woman mustn’t do if she wants to give a  birth to a healthy kid.

Thing number 1: Say No to Alcohol and Cigarettes

How many friends or acquaintances from the forums would not convince you of the harmlessness of a couple of glasses of red wine or beer, doctors around the world are unanimous: even small doses of alcohol can harm the child and the expectant mother causing severe defects in the pre-natal development, premature and often difficult births, provoking miscarriage. Particularly toxic alcohol is in the early stages of pregnancy – at the 3rd week and until the end of the first trimester, when a very important organogenesis process occurs, during which the embryo is just forming, all the internal organs and systems of the child are laid.woman with glass of wine

It is undesirable to take alcohol during conception, moreover, by both future parents! As for smoking, scientists have long proven that babies whose mothers were smokers being pregnant are born with a ready addiction to nicotine, their immunity is weakened and the lungs are often underdeveloped. They are also more likely than other children to suffer from asthma and other ailments of the pulmonary system. So if you find out that you have a baby, quit smoking immediately! In general, this must be done at the stage of pregnancy planning – 2-3 months before refusal of contraception.

Thing number 2: Forget about harmful food

Speaking about prohibitions during pregnancy, it is worth mentioning about the choice of products. So, making a list of unacceptable products for this period, it is worth noting very fatty, salty, fried, spicy dishes and smoked products – they “overload” the liver and gall bladder, increase the burden on the kidneys, can cause heartburn, exacerbation of gastritis.

The products that contain many chemical additives, especially dyes and flavor enhancers (nitrites, sodium glutamate) and seasonings (chips, all kinds of crackers, ready-made sauces, crab sticks, fast food, soda, many sweets) do not influence the organism of pregnant women in the best way. Do not lean on some seafood (tuna, swordfish, shrimp), chocolate, strawberries and exotic fruits – they can cause allergies. Under no circumstances should you use sugar substitutes. After all, in these substitutes there are a lot of dangerous compounds, different chemicals. All this can very badly affect the health of the child. For example, sugar substitutes include substances such as saccharin and cyclamate, they can cause deviations in the development of the central nervous system, cancer.

For the same reason, refrain from the frequent use of vegetables and fruits with orange pigment (citrus, carrot, pumpkin, dried apricots), but not excluding from their diet – they contain many useful vitamins and trace elements. By the way, it is believed that products such as red fish and meat carry a danger during pregnancy – this is not true. On the contrary: proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid contained in such foods are simply necessary for pregnant women. In addition, meat serves as an excellent prophylaxis of iron deficiency anemia, often occurring during pregnancy. It is best if the doctor chooses a diet based on the data of the tests and anamnesis.

Thing number 3: Avoid drinking strong tea and coffee

During pregnancy, some women face a problem such as swelling. As a result, wanting to expel excess fluid from the body, future mums begin to drink various diuretic teas, herbal preparations or infusions of berries and herbs. Without consulting a doctor, this should not be done, because many drinks are medicinal because of their composition, since they contain chemical components that have different healing properties. Therefore, they may not have the best effect on the body of a pregnant woman and the condition of the fetus. So, drinks based on sage, parsley, ginseng, valerian, chamomile often increase the tone of the uterus and increase blood pressure.pregnant woman with cup of tea

For the same reasons, it is better to give up coffee. Scientists have confirmed the fact that daily consumption of this drink (more than 3 cups a day) increases the risk of miscarriage 2 times, especially in the first 12 weeks! Also, coffee raises the pressure, causes insomnia, removes from the body the beneficial microelements and vitamins necessary for the normal development of the child. The pernicious effects of both freshly brewed and soluble beverage. In addition, doctors strongly advise during pregnancy to exclude from their diet other liquids containing caffeine – cola, energy, strong green and black teas.

But mint, ginger, white tea and rosehip are extremely useful. Mint calms, relieves nausea, ginger has antibacterial properties and is indispensable in the period of colds and acute respiratory infections. Rosehip is rich in vitamins C, B, PP and iron, and white tea does not contain caffeine, normalizes pressure, promotes elasticity of vessels and strengthens tooth enamel, which is very important during the pregnancy.

Thing number 4: Don’t Spend Time in the Sun and in Solarium

A pregnant woman is forbidden to sunbathe for a long time, and also forget about visiting the solarium. The influence of ultraviolet rays on the fetus can have negative consequences, they can contribute to the increased work of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, and also the development of the female hormones in the body of a woman, and for this reason the bearing of the child can be complicated or even interrupted. In addition, the work of the immune system may be weakened. If before the moment of pregnancy the immunity was already weak, then the condition could only worsen.

Thing number 5: Forget about all kind of attractions for 9 months

No need to ride during pregnancy on any attractions, no matter how the great temptation was, still avoid them. Otherwise, riding on attractions can contribute to increasing the pressure, and this, in turn, can cause the premature birth. So, if you really like adrenaline, then it’s better to wait until the baby is born. It is also forbidden to engage in any extreme sports during pregnancy.