Indications for the use of Clomid

yound woman and doctorNowadays, Clomid is one of the best drugs to treat infertility both in women and men. Athletes also go for it. However, in order to obtain the desired result, you should follow the instructions and mind the indications for the use of Clomid. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind possible contraindications. For example, people with serious liver diseases shouldn’t take this medicine. In the process of infertility treatment, constant monitoring of the ovarian is required.

When can I use Clomid?

First of all, women who have not been able to get pregnant for a long time should think of taking this drug, because it demonstrated tremendous effectiveness over the years. As a rule, Clomid is prescribed to women with ovarian failure. That is, you require this medication if you have been diagnosed anovulatory infertility, any form of amenorrhea, or just have irregular periods, as well as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The medicine will launch a chain of chemical and hormonal processes, due to which the long-awaited ovulation will very quickly occur. In addition, men with infertility caused by low sperm count may use Clomid.

Often, bodybuilders ask themselves: When can I use Clomid? Yes, this drug is quite popular with the athletes, because it helps to stay in shape. In particular, it allows preserve the outstanding muscle mass obtained due to anabolic steroids, without getting certain female properties, and without losing masculine qualities of the body. At the same time, the drug increases the ability to conceive a child. There is no precise information, whether it’s possible to take Clomid for a long time. However, prolonged treatment for any purpose is not recommended. Typically, bodybuilders prefer taking these pills no longer than three weeks in a row, 50-100 mg once a day.

Which symptoms require the use of Clomid?

Let’s see which symptoms require the use of Clomid in women and men. First and foremost, it is worth considering its admission in case of female infertility of almost any origin. As you know, you may start worrying not earlier than in a year of having regular unprotected sex with the same partner. If these conditions are met, and a pregnancy does not occur, think of taking Clomid.

In particular, women with symptoms of premature ovarian failure definitely need the drug. The symptoms are similar to the signs of menopause: an irregular menstrual cycle, a gradual or sudden cessation of menstruation (by the way, amenorrhea itself is treated with Clomid, too), hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, irritability and decreased libido. Also, mind the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome, such as delayed periods, excessive growth of hair on the hands, legs and face, weight gain, male pattern baldness and acne.

Men should also better visit a doctor before using Clomid for the low sperm count treatment. As a rule, this disease is completely asymptomatic. If your female partner cannot get pregnant, and she’s absolutely healthy, you’d have to pass all the necessary medical exams, and start taking Clomid.

Is it possible to take Clomid for hormonal problems treatment?

You should always be aware that any medicine can cause side effects, sometimes really unpleasant ones, allergies and complications. As for Clomid, among the consequences of its use is an increase in the likelihood of multiple pregnancies. In addition, keep in mind that the drug is effective if you have a sufficient level of endogenous estrogens, less effective at a low level of estrogens, and is practically ineffective in case of low concentration of gonadotropins in the pituitary gland.

doctors in laboratoryAnd is it possible to take Clomid for hormonal problems treatment, if getting pregnant is not your goal? Changes, especially sudden changes, in the hormonal background can significantly worsen the lives of people of both sexes. Of course, medications are the finest matter to treat hormonal imbalances. Clomid, in particular, can help men in case of testosterone imbalance. The symptoms of this condition include rapid loss of weight and muscle mass, hair loss, decreased libido, severe fatigue and apathy. In women, the most common signs of a hormonal failure are sudden and grave changes in the menstrual cycle, hair loss on the head along with excess hair growth on the body, weight gain and mood swings. In all these cases, Clomid may help you to recover soon.

Do I need a prescription for this drug?

People who need to take Clomid for the treatment of infertility or hormonal diseases, as well as bodybuilders, often wonder whether a prescription is needed for this medication. Unfortunately, the drug is a prescription medicine, and you cannot buy it in a local drugstore without doing several visits to the clinic first. On the other hand, you can purchase Clomid on the Internet without showing any papers signed by your doctor. It simplifies the task, and also saves you precious time.

However, mind that you should always read and follow the label instructions carefully, no matter which drug you are going to take. This also applies to Clomid, indeed. For a successful therapy, you must stick to the dosage, first of all. In addition, you’d appreciate to know in advance all the possible side effects and consequences of the course of treatment.

For example, women should be aware of the possibility of vaginal bleeding during a Clomid cycle in order not to be frightened. And their husbands should keep in mind that the medicine can cause wild mood swings, depression, aggression, or even paranoia. Also, mind that this miraculous Clomid pregnancy might be multiple.

Is it safe to take Clomid for a long time?

happy young familyFortunately, Clomid usually helps to get pregnant very quickly. For most women, even with serious hormonal problems, one or two cycles of treatment are enough. As a rule, ovulation occurs after 5-10 days of taking the medicine. That’s why only few people can answer the question, whether is it safe to take Clomid for a long time. Such studies have even not been conducted, because the drug acts really fast, and no one takes it for too long. In fact, the maximum period of infertility treatment with this medication is 3-6 cycles.

Even if you take Clomid after a course of anabolic steroids as a post cycle therapy, that doesn’t require a prolonged treatment. Experienced athletes have determined that the best option is to start Clomid approximately 10 days after an anabolic cycle, and continue taking it for two, maximum three weeks. The dosage may also vary, but most men find a daily dose of 50-100mg to be sufficient.

Although Clomid is safe enough, you shouldn’t take the pills for a long time for at least one reason. The fact is that all the side effects of this drug cease almost instantly after the end of the course of treatment. Thus, stopping in time, you can easily get rid of unpleasant sensations without the slightest harm to your health.