Natural Ovulation

Natural ovulation is one of the most serious problems in modern women

beautiful woman pregnantThe violation of ovulation is familiar to 20-25% of women, being one of the main causes of infertility. It can be either pathological (oligomenorrhea) or irregular ovulation (alternation of ovulatory menstrual cycles), and its complete absence (amenorrhea). The causes of violations of the processes of ovulation are several. The first cause is a hormonal imbalance caused by endocrine pathologies (pituitary gland, thyroid gland), diseases of the reproductive system organs (endometriosis, polycystic ovaries), etc. The second reason is deviations from the body weight norm: both excess and deficiency. This is due to the fact that fatty tissue is a kind of “peripheral” organ, where hormones accumulate, which also affect ovulation. The third reason is acute or chronic stress, an increased physical activity. There is also a genetic violation of ovulation – for example, due to the syndrome of early (before 40 years old) ovarian depletion.

Indications for Ovulation Stimulation

The main indication for stimulating ovulation is the absence of ovulation, the so-called anovulation or endocrine infertility. This procedure is also possible in women with a normal stable menstrual cycle in such cases as carrying out laparoscopy, restoring the patency of the fallopian tubes and some others. Due to the increase in the number of ovulatory cycles, the probability of becoming pregnant becomes more likely. Stimulation of ovulation is also carried out in cycles of IVF, AI (artificial insemination), with infertility of an unknown genesis.happy woman pregnancy test

Anovulatory infertility is usually divided into the following types:

  • Hypothalamic-pituitary insufficiency (low level of LH and FSH, often includes primary or secondary amenorrhea;
  • Hypothalamic-hypophyseal dysfunction (polycystic ovary syndrome with chronic anovulation, hyperandrogenia, high LH concentrations);
  • Primary ovarian failure, (the content of LH and FSH is increased, the presence of primary or secondary amenorrhea).
  • In hypothalamic-pituitary insufficiency, direct (gonadotropins) ovulation inductors are usually used, with type 2 both direct and indirect inducers of ovulation are used, and in case of type 3 IVF is recommended.

On the recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organization), stimulation of ovulation by any drugs should not exceed six cycles. If pregnancy did not occur during this period, then there is a high probability that in addition to ovulation there are other causes of infertility, which need to be clarified through a more detailed diagnostic study.

Methods to Stimulate Ovulation Artificially if You Have Problems with the Natural One

  • Procedure of stimulation with medical preparations: Drawing up a successful ovulation stimulation protocol is an important part: it includes taking medications, conducting tests and taking into account the woman’s data, as well as the time period during which the couple did not become pregnant. During the time of taking drugs, the maturation of the follicle is monitored by ultrasound, with a size of 17-18 mm, the patient takes a medicine that causes ovulation. The doctor informs the couple that a favorable time for conception comes in a day or a half after taking the drug.

woman and doctor consultationPreparations used in gynecology for the induction of ovulation are divided into the following groups: stimulating growth and formation of follicles; so-called triggers of ovulation and drugs that support the functioning of the yellow body.

Growth stimulants and follicle formation include direct and indirect inducers. Direct ovulation inducers are gonadotropic hormones that directly affect the follicles. They can be recombinant and human. Currently, preference is given to recombinant gonadotropins. Indirect inductors are drugs that increase the production of its own FSH (Clomiphene citrate).

In addition, a number of auxiliary preparations are often used, for example, oral contraceptives (to obtain a rebound effect). Ovulation triggers are drugs that either mimic or stimulate LH release, thereby ensuring the final maturation of the egg and the very ovulation itself. Usually, after the introduction of triggers of ovulation (Pregnil), ovulation occurs within 38-42 hours. A dose of 5000-10000 IU is used. Sexual intercourse is recommended between 36 and 42 hours after the introduction of Pregnil.

  • Natural remedies: Some couples prefer stimulation by natural methods, that is, they take infusions of three known herbs: the hog uterus, sage and red bristles, which can easily be bought at any pharmacy. In the first part of the procedure it is recommended 3-4 times a day to take sage infusion (a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of herbs). It is believed that the grass causes the maturation of the egg and the growth of the endometrium. In the second part of the cycle, the boron uterus is drunk, which contains progesterone, the main hormone for early pregnancy. Decoction from it is prepared in the same way as from sage.

There are other natural ways to cause ovulation, for example, such a pleasant and even somewhere romantic – drink a decoction of rose petals. The use of this infusion is to keep it in a fairly high concentration of vitamin E. It has long been known that the mummy, aloe and quince juice have a positive effect on the treatment of infertility. So, there is a lot to choose from. However, with herbs, one must also be cautious, traditional medicine is also a medicine, and each of its agents can have contraindications.

  • Vitamin therapy: A woman who is preparing to become a mother needs to pay special attention to her nutrition, because a person receives most vitally important vitamins from food. Future mothers experience a need in vitamins and micronutrients more than other women. What substances are necessary for women planning a child? First of all, such women need folic acid. Lack of this substance in the body is very dangerous for the fetus, as it can lead to intrauterine pathologies of development. Another obligatory element is potassium iodide. At the initial stage it is enough to sprinkle your food with iodized salt, instead of the usual one. It is interesting that even schemes are given on which day of the cycle to drink vitamin C, E, A, etc.